10 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

At the beginning of your diet plan, the weight seemed to slide off. Now, you step onto the scale and…what? Nothing? Or worse, you’ve gained weight! Sheesh. But you’re eating right and you’re exercising. Why isn’t the weight coming off? For starters, you might have reached the dreaded weight-loss peak. The good news is there might be other reasons, and ways to fix them!

  1. Lack of sleep – That’s right. When you deprive yourself of precious zzz’s it not only halts weight loss, it can promote weight gain. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you can find yourself not losing weight even while you are eating right and exercising. Eating foods high in magnesium and B vitamins promote peaceful sleep. When you add foods like broccoli, spinach and bananas into your evening juicing diet you bolster your body’s ability to fight insomnia. Also, consider lentils, split peas, mushrooms, and mulberries. Plan for seven hours of shut to gain the maximum benefit sleep has on weight loss.
  2. You lack muscle – Whether you are sleeping, sitting at the computer, standing or playing tennis, your body burns a certain amount of calories. Muscle tissue burns more than fat tissue. If you increase your muscle mass, then you increase the amount of calories your body burns in any given day. Muscle-building ingredients include protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. Add blueberries, papayas, mangos, carrots, kale, spinach and a soy or whey protein powder to amp up your muscle building goals.
  3. Lack of exercise – Common sense, and so simple; but you get wrapped up in your busy schedule, let stress or depression shield you from your workout regimen. Why not add these four fruits to your juicing for health plan?
  4. Cherries – these red sweet yet tart babies provide a natural source of anti-inflammatory compounds, which ease the effects that yesterday’s gym visit racked on your body.
  5. Grapes – adding grapes to your juicing for weight loss plan gives you a quick shot of energy. The iron in them helps to combat fatigue.
  6. Pomegranates - armed with potassium, vitamins B and C, the juice reinforces solid blood circulation. You won’t get tired during your workouts.
  7. Black Currants – tossing in a few black currants into your pre-workout juice helps your body deal with the stress inflected on your muscles and joints during exercise. Incorporating any or all of these into your juicing recipes prior to exercise ensures you’ll actually hit the gym and not avoid it because you don’t have enough energy.
  8. Wrong diet – Dr. Phil’s famous, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” phrase rings loud here. If you’re stuck at a weight plateau, then try something different. Juicing for health means you’ll get your body’s inside in shape. The outside will follow.
  9. Wrong approach to your diet – Maybe your expectations are too high. Embrace positive life changes that will stick with you for years. Juicing for health reasons can spark weight loss.  If you grab your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from juice rather than solid foods, you don’t have to consume as many calories in the process.
  10. Toxicity – Toxins exist everywhere. You breathe in exhaust fumes and you forget to wash our fresh fruits and vegetables, thus consuming pesticide residue. As weeks and months pass, toxins build up in your liver. The benefits of juicing exceed juicing just for weight loss. Cleanse your body for a healthier you and you’ll notice a few pounds drop off. For a cleansing juice recipe, why not try the following: two yams, two lemons, a slice of Spanish onion and a slice of fresh ginger.
  11. Gastrointestinal malfunction – Do you feel like you’re eating the right foods, exercising three times a week and still having trouble losing weight? You might have a microbial imbalance. Add a pro-biotic like yogurt to your juicing recipes to ensure a healthy intestinal tract. Pro-biotics are most effective taken every day.
  12. Gulping the wrong liquids – If your normal routine includes a Starbucks peppermint white, hot chocolate or a Wendy’s frosty, then you’re in the wrong liquid diet circle.
  13. You’re getting older – Let’s face it, as we age, our metabolism slows down. In addition, your aging body needs more of the nutrients than it did when you were younger. Furthermore, you have to work harder to build muscle, and you lose your muscle quicker than you did when you were thirty years old. No need to fear. A juicing diet can help combat the negative effects aging has on the body. When you juice for health, your body absorbs larger amounts of nutrients from the same amount of foods.

10. You’ve never tried juicing! – If you’ve never given juicing a try, take the leap and see the benefits of juicing firsthand. When you juice your fruits and vegetables you not only slow down the aging process you:

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